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Chiropractic Injury Rehabilitation

ACRC Encino chiropractic treats patients (sports injury rehab or otherwise) holistically, across the board of physical therapy modalities. Practicing therapy this way allows the patient the advantage of faster healing with 50% less risk of re-injury. We specialize in sports injury rehabilitation, general chiropractic care, and accident -personal injury therapy.

What Causes Back Pain?

At Advanced chiropractic and rehab center we believe the first step in rehabilitation of neck or back pain is identifying the subluxation. A subluxation means a slight dislocation (misalignment) or biomechanical malfunctioning of the vertebrae (the bones of the spine). These disturbances may irritate nerve roots and the blood vessels which branch off from the spinal cord between each of the vertebrae.

What Causes a Subluxation?

A fall, injury, sudden jar, trauma, or sometimes an inherited spinal weakness can displace a vertebra. Other causes include improper sleeping conditions or habits, poor posture, occupational hazards, incorrect lifting practices, obesity, lack of rest and exercise, and stress.

After Indentifying the subluxation we use one of the many chiropractic techniques that we specialize in to manipulate the joint that is subluxated. – Dr. Patrick Khaziran

ACRC’s Chiropractic Therapy by Injury Type:
Thompson Drop Table
Decompression/Cox Flexion- Distraction
Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)
Pediatric Adjusting
Prenatal Adjusting
Extremity Adjusting
Post Opt Surgery
  • Ask Dr. Pat what Rehab Methods are Right for You!
ACRC’s Chiropractic Therapy by Injury Type:
Back Pain Rehab
Neck Injury Rehab
Sciatic Nerve
Disc Herniation
Arthritis Therapy
Post Opt Surgery
Headache Treatments
TMJ Rehab Therapy
Health & Wellness
Balance & Posture
Chiropractic Care in Encino & LA:

For Los Angeles county, Encino’s chiropractic & sport injury clinic landscape isn’t that saturated, but there are a number of providers out there. Read about Dr. Patrick Khaziran’s experience, or check out our encino chiropractic portfolio, and learn who our patients are, and what they’re saying. We stand by our reputation!

Advanced Chiropractic Rehab Center is also a full sorts injury clinic’s offering (one of the few sports chiropractors in encino to do so) certified Graston Technique treatment as well as all the modalities covered on the prior page as well as the base of this page.

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Three things to KNOW about Preventing Injury:
  • Warm up 7 to 10 minutes before any exercise.
  • Stretch [thoroughly] the appropriate muscle groups you worked after exercise
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated before, during, and after your exercise session.
Three things to KNOW about Rehabilitating an Injury:
  • Ice for the first 72 hours after the injury. 3 – 5 times a day for 20 mins at a time.
  • The sooner you get treatment [after the Injury], the faster you will recover.
  • Always remember NSAIDS (i.e. Advil), do not fix the problem, they only hide the symptoms!

Dr. Patrick Khaziran’s Background

Dr. Patrick Khaziran underwent his studies at Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. His background in sports injury treatment and medicine has enabled him to work with a vast majority of sports-related injuries and their respective rehab therapy modalities.

Dr. Khaziran incorporates spinal manipulations (chiropractic) as well as physiotherapy and physical therapy rehabilitation exercises (sports injuries) to ensure the best outcome for his patients. Get your Free Encino Physical Therapy – Rehab Consultation Now!

Personal Injury Rehab

Minor Pains can lead to chronic problems, address Auto Accident or Personal Injury recovery through Rehab & Therapy.
• Muscular • Nervous-Spinal • Orthopedic