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A specific injury been bothering you? Have a chronic condition you just can’t remedy? Not sure what the heck is wrong but you want the pain gone? Ask Dr. Patrick Khaziran Now!

Dr. Pat wants to share his knowledge of home-remedying injuries & become your virtual at home doctor for all pain & injury questions. Need help but not sure what’s wrong or who to go to? Just need a quick opinion, but can’t afford to pay for a chiro or therapy consultation?

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ACRC’s Chiro Sports Rehab Therapy Tools & Methods

Our Therapy & Rehabilitative Modalities

ACRC Encino chiropractic treats patients (sports injury rehab or otherwise) holistically, across the board of physical therapy modalities. Practicing therapy this way allows the patient the advantage of faster healing with 50% less risk of re-injury. We specialize in sports injury rehabilitation, general chiropractic care, and accident -personal injury therapy.

ACRC’s Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinical Rehab Modalities?
Cold Laser Rehab Electro Muscle Stim Ultrasound Therapy Graston Technique Exercise Therapy
Cryotherapy Superficial heat Inter-Segmental Trigger Point Rehab Massage therapy