Pro Athlete Injury Rehabilitation

ACRC Encino sports rehab-therapy services provided to NBA star John Wall of the Washington Wizards, are indicative of Dr. Patrick Khaziran's professionalism & expertise w/ sports rehab therapies for competitive Athletes.

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Modern Encino Chiropractic Tech

ACRC treats holistically with an array of chiropractic & sports injury clinical tech treatments. Each sport injury rehabilitation treatment is measured specifically to that patients needs. ACRC's more than a sport injury clinic, we're a holistic sport injury rehab & chiropractic center!

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Graston Sport Injury Rehabilitation

ACRC is the only Graston Instruments - Treatment certified sports injury, physical therapy, accident injury, chiropractic rehab center in Encino, California. Get the best treatment in town from Dr. Patrick!

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Sport Injury Clinic Newsletter

Although our injury rehab center is located in Encino and serves the Greater Los Angeles area exclusively, our Knowledge Base and "Ask the Dr." features apply to all prospective patients or those of you who live an infromed and active lifestlye .

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New Chiro & Rehab Tools

Our equipment and facility technology is state of the art and meets all modern chiropractic and sports physical therapy standards and practices. Besides being the only Graston-certified Encino sports Chiro , ACRC also offers these injury therapy & rehabilitation modalities.

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Patient Chiro & Sport Injury Treatments

How Can We Help?

Tailor fitting Encino chiropractic care, pro sports injury rehab, and physical therapy to each Encino - LA patients' needs, is the very foundation ACRC comes from. See why we think we are the very best Encino Sports Chiro Clinic!

ACRC treats: back pain, neck therapy, sciatic rehab, disc herniations, post opt., personal injury, auto-vehicle injury, arthritis treatment, headaches, TMJ, and general health & wellness.

Dr. Patrick Khaziran underwent his studies at Cleveland Chiropractic, Los Angeles where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.

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Encino Chiropractic: Ask Dr. Patrick

Why Dr. Patrick Khaziran?

Encino chiropractor, Patrick Khaziran, provides physical therapy & rehab for general chiropractic & sports injuries in Encino - Los Angeles. Dr. Pat wants to share his knowledge of home-remedying injuries & become your virtual at home doctor for all pain & injury questions.

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Allow 48 hours for processing, & Dr. Pat himself will respond with a tailor-fit answer. For examples of how this has worked for others, please visit the link below.

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Chiro – Sports Injury Knowledge Base

Although Dr. Patrick Khaziran's ACRC office serves as an Encino Chiropractor & Encino Sport Injury Therapy center, our goal is to advocate injury prevention by education as much as treatment itself.

ACRC's Chiropractic & Sports Injuries Knowledge Base is our contribution to holistically informing ALL patients looking for answers. We proudly offer this to further educate YOU about your particular physical injury or condition. This resource is as appropriate for an elderly person w/ chronic arthritis as it is for pro athletes like our own Rashad McCants, Frank Robinson, and Darius Morris to name a few.

Dr. Patrick Khaziran believes in keeping you (his injury patients) better informed so much that he's committed ACRC to serving you out of the treatment center itself. Take better care of your general or sports injuries while maintaining full recovery for the long-term. An educated patient, is one more likely to make a faster - full recovery and remain healthy. Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Resources